6834 Commits (38d5de789d65e0a8597dbafa96f6ea63589600b5)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Niklāvs Koļesņikovs 38d5de789d
meson_options.txt: disable vulkan option since it's not ready for use 1 year ago
  Ivan 0a02396995 meson: Make summary() respect vulkan headers detection 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 0c14ec769f pulse-server: improve sink/source state 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer eb262beb22 doc: document the echo-cancel module 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 4e3d155dc1 doc: document the access module 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer b23dfc4dc1 doc: make the pipewire keys show up in the doxygen output 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer f181232a61 doc: add the documentation infrastructure for pipewire modules 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 9956637ce5 doc: drop unused variable from meson.build 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 0880ff9a84 spa: add spa_strendswith (copy from protocol-pulse) 1 year ago
  Niklāvs Koļesņikovs 71d39e90ed meson: adds post meson setup/--reconfigure summary for auto features 1 year ago
  Stefano Ragni 243d534476 dbus: fix bus type reported in logs 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer c69ebf6361 meson.build: define cpp dependency as non-native 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 5e76f39e9d meson.build: move -D_GNU_SOURCE to the other hardcoded args 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 887876bea8 pulse-server: add missing forward declarations 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 378ba0d51b pulse-server: clean up includes 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 0e48ae9f50 pulse-server: remove unnecessary struct member and includes 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 480fcbbba9 pulse-server: module-zeroconf-publish: use <> for system include 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze e966b1d6f2 pulse-server: split out message-handler 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze c9f5deb81d pulse-server: split out module handling 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze c49ae39888 pulse-server: split out extension handling 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze d366487116 pulse-server: split out server creation and socket handling 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 49d31ea0af pulse-server: split out reply, operation, client, stream 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze b2ec1fb60a pulse-server: split out message handling 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 5318c0eeca pulse-server: split out media roles 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 62832609c1 pulse-server: split out utils 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 8a0f52ab78 pulse-server: split out pending-sample 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze bee97b09e2 pulse-server: split out sample, sample-play 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze bc4370e195 pulse-server: split out D-Bus parts 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze acffe1b90b pulse-server: split out "collect" functions 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 4496c33751 pulse-server: split out volume handling 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 43e2c64307 pulse-server: split out format handling 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 8ac60cb0ae pulse-server: split out commands 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 738b764253 pulse-server: do not define NAME in header 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 8208e60b33 pulse-server: add include guard to defs.h 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 5e9f6c8ecc jack: use system:monitor_ prefix for monitor ports 1 year ago
  Niklāvs Koļesņikovs d7cddbdb61 meson: changes meson switches for controlling session manager 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 016f02616b json: don't escape / 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 2acf29a86c Revert "json: also escape '/' as required by JSON" 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 679df3f9d9 v4l2: implement latency get and set 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 7ef78b4464 jack: add extra object check 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 01c2cb3d45 test: shut up coverity complaints about side effects 1 year ago
  Sanchayan Maity badb76147f module-protocol-pulse: Add module-roc-source 1 year ago
  Sanchayan Maity e60498df51 module-protocol-pulse: Add module-roc-sink 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 50e015fa87 doc: add a reference to the PipeWire Under The Hood post 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 0f0565175e doc: rework the SPA plugin documentation 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 8a25076c4e doc: define __USE_ISOC11 for doxygen to pick up the logger #defines 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 17f02d8c6d filter: refactor function to fix the datatype 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 48e6e41d95 audioconvert: improve latency handling 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 22fe0b293a audioconvert: add some more debug 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 8ee9a7b5e5 audioadapter: latency is writable 1 year ago