51 Commits (38d5de789d65e0a8597dbafa96f6ea63589600b5)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Niklāvs Koļesņikovs 38d5de789d
meson_options.txt: disable vulkan option since it's not ready for use 1 year ago
  Ivan 0a02396995 meson: Make summary() respect vulkan headers detection 1 year ago
  Niklāvs Koļesņikovs 71d39e90ed meson: adds post meson setup/--reconfigure summary for auto features 1 year ago
  George Kiagiadakis 2723b0c6e2 meson: export plugin and data dirs for other projects to find them 1 year ago
  George Kiagiadakis 7ab5c35cad meson: declare spa_dep and override_dependency() for spa and pipewire 1 year ago
  Huang-Huang Bao e953bb3238
meson: fix build if bluez5 option is disabled 1 year ago
  Oschowa 8892152b13 meson: Require bluetooth codec library dependencies only when bluez5 is 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 3baf3fcfec spa: ffmpeg: remove libavformat dependency 1 year ago
  Daniel Stone d08b6fac6b openaptx: Blacklist >= 0.2.1 due to license change 1 year ago
  Jonas Holmberg ad0d7ef9f2 spa: Fix build without v4l2 1 year ago
  Nils Tonnätt f47a7a8ea3 Rearrange libudev dependency 1 year ago
  Ivan 529f4d318f meson: Fix build without vulkan headers 2 years ago
  Ivan 4c9af21ec6 meson: Add 'feature' options to enable/disable bluetooth codecs 2 years ago
  Thibault Saunier 485bae5eb0 meson: Use `feature` options everywhere it makes sense 2 years ago
  Gabriel Ebner 392fcda01f a2dp: add aac encoder 2 years ago
  Huang-Huang Bao 16f5058af9
a2dp: add ldac ABR support 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans 106d597305 bluez5: add aptX and aptX HD codecs 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans dd8573a5c2 bluez5: add ldac codec 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans 1d7ca5bdae add udev rules so we don't rely on pulseaudio 2 years ago
  Martin Koch 77860ef348 add version requirement for vulkan library dependency 2 years ago
  raghu447 9024cc4444 Integrating libcamera 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans 95ecbacfe0 meson: install headers in versioned paths 3 years ago
  Fabrice Fontaine 4717690a60 meson: add examples option 3 years ago
  Wim Taymans 5b9869200f jack: add jack source and sink 3 years ago
  Wim Taymans 9799b0e679 vulkan: add vulkan compute source 3 years ago
  Wim Taymans 6f8268df40 audioconvert: remove speex resampler 3 years ago
  Wim Taymans 51e900c9d3 Remove libv4l2 dependency 3 years ago
  Michael Olbrich 5f507c804f remove libv4l2 dependency 4 years ago
  George Kiagiadakis 58a878623b meson: find dependencies only when necessary 4 years ago
  Wim Taymans 3ee463ed3a spa: Update tests and examples 4 years ago
  Wim Taymans bf43b55d16 bluez: check for bluez deps 4 years ago
  Tapasweni Pathak 8d71d2dab8 pipewire: add enable/disable to meson for spa plugins 4 years ago
  Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) 03fdabd155 meson: Use pkgconfig.generate 4 years ago
  Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) bbba49aae1 meson: Use pkgconfig.generate 4 years ago
  Wim Taymans a6ad8f747f remove spalib 4 years ago
  Wim Taymans 60d4473e7b make spa-lib versioned 4 years ago
  Wim Taymans 9d36b85dd6 remove spalib 4 years ago
  Wim Taymans d768a2d6da make spa-lib versioned 4 years ago
  Wim Taymans d88b88444d resample: use speex resampler for now 5 years ago
  Emmanuele Bassi f9ed917814 build: Do not redefine dependency objects 5 years ago
  Wim Taymans afae27b4cc don't build bluez when sbc is missing 5 years ago
  Wim Taymans 7d5f302f93 Add bluez5 plugins 5 years ago
  Wim Taymans 8886f5d373 build fixes 5 years ago
  Wim Taymans 32368d741d audiotestsrc: implement sine wave 6 years ago
  Wim Taymans 7e46f9e3ad More hacking 6 years ago
  Wim Taymans 67dd3adb87 port to meson 6 years ago
  David Svensson Fors 68e81198ed Add videotestsrc 6 years ago
  Wim Taymans 9f53eda6cb Add monitor interface 6 years ago
  Wim Taymans 6ab8af91e0 More hacking 6 years ago
  Wim Taymans 5fa334a89b poll: remove threads from alsa-sink 6 years ago