6834 Commits (38d5de789d65e0a8597dbafa96f6ea63589600b5)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Wim Taymans f03f1926e3 seq: track port latency 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 4c09eb227f alsa: rename indexes into port and node params 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 8cf5927e95 alsa: keep track of input and output latency 1 year ago
  Konstantin Kharlamov ed9560fb03 alsa: fix "`now.tv_sec` maybe used uninitialized" warnings 1 year ago
  Konstantin Kharlamov 252e798ece alsa: remove unused res variable in alsa_on_timeout_event 1 year ago
  George Kiagiadakis 5ee9133b60 alsa plugin: allow specifying a media.role on the virtual device name 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 575d4456e1 tests: fix test 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans f5f79cc0b9 filter: implement enum and set_param on the filter 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 79866a93cd Param: add process latency param and info 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 8c77713a7b jack: don't emit connect callback with unknown ports 1 year ago
  Pauli Virtanen b98b9e0e77 bluez5: deal with old libusb versions 1 year ago
  Pauli Virtanen 9d38d375d2 bluez5: add and use quirk for broken mic HW volume 1 year ago
  Pauli Virtanen 4899b75410 media-session: add hardware volume quirks 1 year ago
  Pauli Virtanen 9422e76d89 bluez5: enable hw volume on all profiles, if device quirks permit it 1 year ago
  Pauli Virtanen 5e0b63b149 bluez5: backend-native: use quirks + usb adapter caps for checking msbc 2 years ago
  Pauli Virtanen b57ae8c2a6 bluez5: add support for hardware quirk/feature database 2 years ago
  Pauli Virtanen 88077a29db media-session: add bluez hw database conf files 2 years ago
  Pauli Virtanen 2c9764da1d bluez5: parse bluez vendor/product ids 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans 6c582d5445 filter: improve latency handling 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 368a12b6e9 filter: Initialize info before adding params 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 83b198215d filter: use the user param_info field for updates 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans a152ad95d5 filter: check port id and direction 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 28a9253622 pipewire: fix a doxygen group assignment 1 year ago
  Konstantin Kharlamov 84acfbbda5 media-session: switch to the route when availability changed 2 years ago
  Konstantin Kharlamov 3512977450 media-session: correct availability type 2 years ago
  Niklāvs Koļesņikovs dddbc285a8
meson_options.txt: replace auto with enabled/disabled where possible 1 year ago
  Evgeniy Khramtsov c3d7561d17 test: unbreak FreeBSD 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 6186fc775d jack: improve debug 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans f85b0bfd16 pulse-server: Avoid overflow in stream read/write index 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 0a5ae1cf47 pipewire: drop \memberof declarations 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer a4bdf83e39 test: explicitly ignore the read() result from the timerfd/pidfd 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer f9985636de test: fail if we can't chdir to $TMPDIR 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 3c798ea413 test: force TMPDIR to /tmp if it is unset 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 00bc5f0e3b test: drop duplicate init of test->result 1 year ago
  Huang-Huang Bao ea28cb95c0 bluez5: don't autoconnect device if no profiles 1 year ago
  Huang-Huang Bao db6e73895f bluez5: clean up connection status handling 1 year ago
  Huang-Huang Bao 3433f40cd9 bluez5: fix device connection issue if profile(UUIDs) info is delayed 1 year ago
  Pauli Virtanen b44fdf5ebb bluez5: backend-native: don't send +BCS if no codec negotiation 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans a19ab4a20a use builddir everywhere 1 year ago
  dreamer e1036ee0fc set the same builddir as INSTALL.md 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 80e3da9b01 pulse-server: add missing minus sign 1 year ago
  George Kiagiadakis 2723b0c6e2 meson: export plugin and data dirs for other projects to find them 1 year ago
  George Kiagiadakis 9e0ce7cbd6 ci: install a more recent meson in the ubuntu 20.04 image 1 year ago
  George Kiagiadakis 7ee5172ce8 meson: integrate wireplumber as a subproject 1 year ago
  George Kiagiadakis 7ab5c35cad meson: declare spa_dep and override_dependency() for spa and pipewire 1 year ago
  George Kiagiadakis 19bcdaebe2 meson: use newer version of pkgconfig.generate() 1 year ago
  George Kiagiadakis 59407d2f08 includes: update all references to extensions to point to pipewire/extensions 1 year ago
  George Kiagiadakis 953dc22f50 src: move extensions into pipewire 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 1f04e911c5 module: handle work queue create errors 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans bbbc79647f pulse-server: return INTERNAL error for ENFILE/EMFILE 1 year ago