6834 Commits (38d5de789d65e0a8597dbafa96f6ea63589600b5)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Wim Taymans 05c633a4f5 profiler: Fix crash with many streams 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 4518eded5b context: clean up the settings object as well 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 1662e3834f impl-metadata: don't leak the property 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans fb992c3f2d impl-metadata: use the metadata method 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans def0caf281 pulse-server: handle out-of-files better 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 22b5b6b120 connection: make sure we don't overrun the fd array 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans adee3d79b9 connection: handle truncated control data 1 year ago
  George Kiagiadakis 8cf2f134b7 gstpipewiresink: also break the connection loop when the state is STREAMING 1 year ago
  Michal Vasilek a870af02f0 module-rt: define RLIMIT_RTTIME if not defined 1 year ago
  Arun Raghavan 3272940731 echo-cancel: Don't use application name for stream node name 1 year ago
  Arun Raghavan 2d251509db doc: Drop duplicate reference to pw_global 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 3944687a14 module-protocol-simple: limit to 10 connections 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 38c721993f pulse-server: limit the amount of connections 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 4aa80c7a71 splitter: we always produce output 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 16755cef52 impl-metadata: fix include 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans b167ada994 impl-node: take settings into account for quantum and rate 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans c46cb0645e test: fix test 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans e301048abb settings: use metadata for settings 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans f6ce23cbe3 metadata: add vargs format method for metadata values 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans beb80a06e8 media-session: use core metadata implementation 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 80ef77f994 context: add metadata implementation 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans d8ad87fd09 context: improve settings and defaults 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans 2ad202b8e8 audioconvert: track and compensate for rate changes 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans 519bd342be audioconvert: don't use samplerate to negotiate 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans 7ba7179eee audioconvert: use the position rate to negotiate 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans ed80d72d51 audioconvert: also set io_position on channelmix 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans c726dd887c alsa: refactory _io_position checking 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans 0ec760315e jack: there is no need to lock in get_aliases 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 0f9fd45a58 jack: rework locking 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 3e52c6598b jack: add more port checks 1 year ago
  Huang-Huang Bao 4c9ac08310 bluez5: always emit node object info for dynamic node 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer 62e98aa836 test: move some of the property tests to pwtest 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 7a6fa50575 daemon: drop the obsolete dbus policy file 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer 08525e865d daemon: simplify configuration file generation 2 years ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 7cecb1567d spa: tests: remove double dot from names of test files 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze bbbf5724be pipewire: module-zeroconf-discover: free correct pointer 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 58e254ec63 pulse-server: module-zeroconf-publish: remove unnecessary emit 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 61bcd4f988 jack: only use the "default" metadata 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans f43c57afdb pulse-server: add context listener last 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 22bb2666c4 metadata: remove metadata when the global is removed 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 07d43a001b pw-dump: remember the subject of metadata 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans f15d585f8d metadata: check M permissions before changing metadata 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 9d9e3f2d23 metadata: add client-id to properties 1 year ago
  Wim Taymans 9984dcd1ea pipewire: small comment fix 1 year ago
  Sanchayan Maity 96c77e1f2f pulse-server: Implement module-pipe-source 2 years ago
  Sanchayan Maity d5ee0ad8cc module-pipe-sink: Fix usage of spa_strerror 1 year ago
  Barnabás Pőcze a168e4261f doc: move color overrides into light color scheme block 2 years ago
  Haochen Tong 18ef422f3f
filter-chain: reformat configuration 2 years ago
  Sanchayan Maity 4be1981f54 module-protocol-pulse: Clean up unused #define ERROR_RETURN 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans b6559289f1 pulse-server: fix compilation on some compilers 2 years ago