6834 Commits (38d5de789d65e0a8597dbafa96f6ea63589600b5)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Wim Taymans e3a2f4a645 jack: keep context lock locked for callbacks 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans 1bc383a7b7 pipewire-pulse: also store format/channels for sources 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans ba402209ba pulse-server: use PulseAudio name for format and channels 2 years ago
  Sanchayan Maity cf93fd7f9a module-protocol-pulse: Add Avahi zeroconf publish module 2 years ago
  Sanchayan Maity e66125ede0 module-protocol-pulse: Factor out some common code 2 years ago
  Barnabás Pőcze bd6f63fecd pulse-server: improve module loading 2 years ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 4d02233ff3 pulse-server: don't broadcast remove event when a module wasn't loaded 2 years ago
  Barnabás Pőcze f26358e958 pulse-server: module-simple-protocol-tcp: remove unnecessary struct member 2 years ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 3eaea123f9 pulse-server: module-simple-protocol-tcp: add module listener 2 years ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 12359b490d pulse-server: module-null-sink: provide fallback name 2 years ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 09c162c8bf pulse-server: module-null-sink: add missing version to events struct 2 years ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 6f5b089767 pulse-server: clear hook list when module is freed 2 years ago
  Barnabás Pőcze d9befc0792 pulse-server: eliminate some memory leaks in modules 2 years ago
  Barnabás Pőcze 1d5fb2a7db pulse-server: remove unnecessary struct members 2 years ago
  Barnabás Pőcze cd0eb829dd pulse-server: remove redundant log messages from modules 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans a90c86dd47 defs: reorganize the assert macros a little 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans b7c2e7a693 conf: the midi bridge example is from a spa-node-factory 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans a6b687ee98 audioadapter: proxy Latency param from follower port 2 years ago
  Nicolai Syvertsen 01875ad223 pipewire-pulse: set description 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans 77a4ae380e json: remove obsolete # comment handling 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans 826f52344f spa: properly re-encode the keys and string values 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans 1c513464c8 alsa: strip and add the _alibpref from device names 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans 283e13629c alsa: use the local alibpref of the card 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans 23a0f29d48 acp: don't use the card index for alibpref 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer 461ae02c50 test: shut up a compiler warning about an unused variable 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer 3f325819da gitlab CI: add a build job for Ubuntu 20.04 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans 342ae0b643 Revert "conf: Load and stack all config files." 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans 61007dd412 Revert "conf: add comment about removing sections" 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans d8e0176bcf alsa: open UCM only once. 2 years ago
  takooakes 51d01b33c8 Expose output select for Soundblaster cards 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer 7177d82c34 test: check for CAP_SYS_PTRACE before testing for an attached debugger 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer 2d238f1d33 meson.build: drop config.h.meson 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer 0cd0d6e826 meson.build: split the version data into a separate config 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer b5e98027b7 meson.build: drop VERSION, use PACKAGE_VERSION in the C sources 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer c4e3efbcf8 meson.build: drop PIPEWIRE_PACKAGE_ORIGIN and PIPEWIRE_LICENSE defines 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer 66abafaa3d meson.build: drop the PIPEWIRE_PACKAGE_NAME define 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer d1e2ab1eac config.h.meson: remove hack for MacOS 10.5 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer 478e1cc516 meson.build: define WORDS_BIGENDIAN if need be 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer 14eb43ea86 meson.build: check for SYS_pidfd_open 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer 18b3efa2ed spa: make two headers compatible with older gcc-c++ 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer 731f45ed50 test: add sigabbrev_np() for systems where it's not available 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer 5cf3c28fa4 config.h is a local header, not a system one 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer da339c286f meson.build: drop HAVE_CONFIG_H 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer 5ba43b8349 audioconvert: add config.h to include directories 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer e38cc427bf spa: fix indentation in audioconvert/meson.build 2 years ago
  Peter Hutterer b2206e2530 test: change VERSION to HOOK_VERSION for the spa hooks test 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans 1b5ffa7891 filter: init the Latency param correctly 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans 667fa18526 test: fix property test 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans d91cc99d92 properties: escape '/' as well 2 years ago
  Wim Taymans eb8546a682 json: also escape '/' as required by JSON 2 years ago