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# PipeWire 0.3.31 (2021-06-28)
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
## Highlights
- Fixes for alsa-lib 1.2.5
- New pulseaudio modules: module-avahi-zeroconf,
module-pipe-source, module-roc-sink, module-roc-source.
- JACK has seen massive stability improvements. Locking
and correctness wrt to callbacks has been reworked. Also
thread priorities have improved.
- Handle various crashes and lockups when running out of file
- Bluetooth now uses a hardware database to disable
non-working features on listed devices.
- Scheduling quantum and rate can now be changed dynamically
with pw-metadata.
- Many bugfixes and improvements.
## PipeWire
- Improve cleanup of context in error cases.
- There is now a pw-test framework for improved unit tests.
- Improve property serialization to valid JSON.
- Fix some macros to work with better with coverity.
- Metadata permissions are checked now. Clients need the
M permission on an object to be able to set metadata for
- The core metadata object will now remove metadata for
removed objects, the implementor does not need to worry
about that anymore.
- Audioadapter will now follow the rate of the graph with
the resampler adjusting itself dynamically.
- Core now has a metadata implementation helper. A context
will expose a metadata with settings that can be changed
at runtime. This can be used to change the loglevel or
graph quantum and samplerate on the fly.
- An infinite loop was fixed in the audio converter.
- Handle out-of-fds more gracefully. Handle truncated
control data by dropping the client connection.
- Fix profiler crash with many streams.
- Improve latency handling in pw-filter. There is now a
default handler and a ProcessLatency parameter to simplify
latency reporting.
- Latency reporting was improved in devices and streams.
- And example sink/source was added.
- hardware mute and volume are now properties on the
Route param to make things easier.
- More fixes for alsa-ucm 1.2.5.
## Tools
- spa-json-dump now properly encodes string and keys.
- pw-dump now shows the correct subject of the metadata.
## PulseAudio server
- Ensure the node.description is set, some applications
crash otherwise (TeamSpeak).
- Module loading and unloading was improved.
- module-avahi-zeroconf was implemented.
- module-pipe-source was implemented
- module-roc-sink and module-roc-source was implemented.
- The maximum amount of connections has been limited to 64,
like pulseaudio.
- Handle out-of-fds more gracefully.
- Fix overflow of read/write pointers.
- Source and sink state are now decoupled from the monitor
state and will report IDLE when not playing anything.
## media-session
- Port switching should now happen to/from the port that
actually changed.
- The locking was reviewed. All callbacks are now emited
from the PipeWire thread with the lock released and
the process function will be disabled for the duration
of the callback. This ensures that no two callbacks are
called at the same time.
- Improve internal consistency and try to never call callbacks
with invalid objects.
- Monitor port can now be accessed with system:monitor_%d
- client threads are now created with SCHED_FIFO and module-rt
is used to create the other RT threads. This should avoid
SIGKILL from RTKit in some cases.
## Bluetooth
- Various bugfixes to improve connections to devices.
- Handle delayed UUID connection.
- There is now a hardware database that can disable features
in listed devices.
- Use libusb to detect availability of mSBC.
- The virtual device name can now also contain a media role.
Older versions:
# PipeWire 0.3.30
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
This is a quick emergency release to fix some severe
problems with the previous release.
## Highlights
- Recording from a monitor port should work again.
- JACK applications should now be more stable again.
- Freewheeling should not lock up anymore.
- Fix lockups in many pulseaudio apps.
- module-echo-cancel was implemented in pipewire-pulse
- Many other stability fixes.
## PipeWire
- Improve module path logic.
- Improve logger formatting
## PulseAudio server
- Make sure to pass 64 bits values for time on ARM 32 bits to
avoid protocol errors.
- Avoid a crash when unloading module-combine-sink.
- Avoid overflow in requested bytes, resulting in stalled
- Implement module-echo-cancel.
## Bluetooth
- Handle latency parameters instead of failing.
- Fix locking in many places to avoid deadlocks and crashes.
- Fix port rename.
- Stop freewheeling correctly instead of deadlocking.
# PipeWire 0.3.29
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
## Highlights
- Latency reporting is now implemented.
- Many documentation updates and cleanups.
- module-combine-sink was added to PulseAudio server.
- Better handling of multichannel input profiles.
- Fix 100% volume issue when monitor suspends or profile
changes in some cases.
- Bugfixes and crashes
## PipeWire
- A new module-rt was added to acquire real-time scheduling
priviledges without using RTKit.
- Documentation fixes and updates. Docs are now using a
custom theme.
- There is now a MANDATORY flag on properties that influence
how properties are filtered.
- Filter-chain now parses the LADSPA_PATH correctly when it
contains a colon separated list.
- Move `#pipewire` IRC channel to
- Fix an error where param changes were not emited in all
- Implement Latency reporting. Latency values are propagated
through the graph so that each node knows the latency to
the output/input device. Synchronization in pw-stream has
been updated to use this.
- Some more upmix cases are added so that LFE, SIDE and REAR
can be generated from a mono channel as well.
- pw-stream and pw-filter will now emit the process event from
the real-time thread in a safe way, potentially avoiding some
of the harder to debug crashes.
- Fix potential stack overflow with serialize_dict.
- Add PIPEWIRE_NO_CONFIG to run without custom config files.
- The WebRTC echo canceler was added. Next versions will
integrate this better.
## PulseAudio server
- module-combine-sink was implemented.
- Fix some segfaults when DBus connections fail.
- Support for listening on IPv6 was added.
- Fix a bug where many flushes could result in requests for too
much data from the client, causing sync, latency and garbled
sound problems after many seeks.
- Also probe input paths for multichannel mappings. This makes
multichannel input ports show up in more cases.
- Fix headphones/front volume issue on some cards.
- Fix max volume issue when profile changes.
- Fix issue with UCM local config that was not available when the
device was opened in the server but the UCM was opened by the
session manager. Fixes alsa 1.2.5 compatibility.
- Implement latency reporting with the new Latency params.
# PipeWire 0.3.28
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
## Highlights
- Freewheeling was implemented. This makes it possible to
export projects in ardour.
- A new powerful filter-chain module was added that can
be used to created all kinds of filter-chains from ladspa
and builtin plugins.
- Many more pulseaudio modules are now implemented:
module-ladspa-sink, module-ladspa-source, module-pipe-sink,
module-tunnel-sink, module-tunnel-source,
- Fix a bug where devices would not appear after logout/login.
- Fix a bug where the volume was reset to 0 and devices would
have no audio.
- Config files are now installed in the data dir, system
overrides in /etc/pipewire and $HOME are checked first.
## PipeWire
- Implement freewheeling for JACK clients
- Add filter-chain module that can be used to construct
arbitrary graphs from ladspa and builtin plugins.
- Add new property to easily set algorithm params
- Add module-pulse-tunnel to tunnel audio to and from
a PulseAudio compatible server.
- Add a avahi zeroconf discover module, create pulse-tunnel
when PulseAudio devices are announced.
- Config files are now installed in the data dir, system
overrides in /etc/pipewire and $HOME are checked first.
- Applications now have their monitor ports named with the
"monitor" prefix to avoid confusion with the output ports.
- LICENSE clarifications.
## GStreamer
- fixes to the pipewiresink plugin.
## SPA plugins
- Fix a bug where the volume was reset to 0
- Add events to dbus plugin. This can be used to detect dbus
## Media-session
- Handle dbus disconnect.
- Handle device reservation errors.
## PulseAudio server
- Implement module-ladspa-sink and a new PipeWire-only
- Implement module-pipe-sink
- Implement module-tunnel-sink and module-tunnel-source
- Fix a bug with module argument parsing
- Implement module-zeroconf-discover
## ALSA plugin
- improve error handling
PipeWire 0.3.27
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Highlights
- Fix bug that caused bluetooth devices to stop working.
- Fix session-manager crash when switching users caused by
the DBus plugin cleanup errors.
- Improve volume handling of monitor ports.
- Fix GStreamer v4l2 support.
- Implement module-remap-sink and module-remap-source in
- More fixes and improvements.
- PipeWire
- Move the loopback code into a module. Use this in pw-loopback
and pipewire-pulse. Fix some cleanup crashes.
- A dummy echo-cancel module was added. Later versions will
include the webrtc echo-canceler.
- State files don't have the X permission anymore.
- Move i18n core into a private header file.
- Stream can now advertize properties and receive property
- Fix an issue where the wrong index was used to address a port.
It caused Bluetooth devices to stop working.
- SPA plugins
- Only do LFE filtering on channels we created.
- Improve name and description of devices.
- Improve cleanup in DBus connections and sources to avoid crash
when destroying.
- Improved volume handling. Hardware, Software and Monitor
volumes are now properly separated and handled.
- Support for S8 and S8P formats was added.
- Tools
- pw-cli can now also create Struct from JSON arrays.
- Session-manager
- The session manager can now also create passive links. This
makes is possible to suspend effect chains together with the
sinks when not in use.
- Match rules now check the complete property value instead of
only the start.
- Handle multiple pending param enumerations, take only last
result. This fixes some volume update issues.
- GStreamer plugins
- GStreamer plugins now advertize handling DMABUF explicitly. This
is currently the only way to avoid a memcpy for v4l2 devices.
- Device support
- sync ACP with pulseaudio, merge upstream patch instead of our
hack to workaround missing duplex devices.
- V4l2 devices don't expose their fd anymore. Previously the fd
and mmap offsets were passed to the client to access the buffer
memory but that could create security issues.
- Bluetooth
- Don't unregister the profiles on shutdown because this can cause
delay, just close the dbus connection.
- Bluetooth devices now try to use the global samplerate from the
- PulseAudio server
- Implement remap-sink and remap-source modules using the
new loopback module.
PipeWire 0.3.26
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Highlights
- I18n support, with translations merged from PulseAudio.
- New pw-link tool.
- Many Bluetooth improvements, support for hardware volumes.
- Support for 64 channel devices.
- Stability fixes and improvements.
- PipeWire improvements
- The link factory can now also make links between nodes and
ports by name so that it can be used in scripts.
- Add module-protocol-simple that can stream raw audio on a
- Added i18n support. Merge PulseAudio translations for the ACP
library so that we don't cause regressions.
- Support more than 19 channels in the channel mixer.
This makes all channels usable on 32 and 64 channel cards.
- Detect if we're running in a VM and allow for tweaking some
settings such as the max-quantum to make things work better in
- Fix a potential crash when connecting a client and updating
- Fix a potential crash when trying to link incompatible ports.
- Lingering links in error will now be destroyed automatically.
- Tools
- Added new pw-link tool to list and monitor ports and to
list, monitor, create and destroy links between them.
- pw-cli can now also list params by name.
- pw-dump now outputs Spa:String:JSON types in metadata as properly
parsed and formatted JSON so that tools can parse the
metadata values using a JSON parser.
- Session-manager
- Add logind support. The bluetooth monitor can only be started
for one user at the time, so use logind detect active seats.
- ALSA icon names were improved to match what PulseAudio does.
- Improve the bluetooth icon name. Also use the device alias
as the device description, like PulseAudio.
- Device support
- When devices become inaccessible, they are now removed from
the PipeWire graph.
- Fix datatype selection for buffers in v4l2 and libcamera.
- Bluetooth
- Various memory leaks and crashes are fixed.
- Added support for AVRCP hardware volume.
- Added support for HSP/HFP hardware volume.
- PulseAudio server
- Fix module-loopback connections to monitor ports.
- Implement module-native-protocol-tcp.
- Handle nodes and streams with > 32 channels. The PulseAudio
API only supports up to 32 channels so only make those 32
first channels available with the PA API.
- Implement module-simple-protocol-tcp.
- Improve events emitted by the server.
- Improvements to channels and channel_map properties on
modules. one can imply the other and they should match when
both given.
- null-sink will now have their volume work correctly by
- JACK development files can now optionally be installed.
PipeWire 0.3.25
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Highlights
- Many stability improvements.
- Plug fd leak in flatpak detection
- add pw-loopback tool and support module-loopback
- volume restore for virtual sinks/sources or other sink/sources
without hardware volume.
- Fix cracks and pops in audio capture.
- Many bluetooth improvements and compatibility fixes.
- PipeWire improvements
- Hex encode invalid SEC_LABEL properties to avoid generating
invalid json.
- Small fixes to how nodes are started to avoid crashes.
- Make sure ports are only scheduled after being fully
negotiated to avoid crashes.
- Implement coverity into CI, fix some bugs detected by
- Plug leak in flatpak detection.
- Fix crash when removing globals in some cases.
- Fix crash because the mixer info was not removed from a
port in all cases.
- Add PIPEWIRE_AUTOCONNECT environment variable to disable
stream autoconnect. Also add a config option to disable
- Improve wildcard in format helpers.
- Add env variable to disable journald logging.
- Tools
- Add a new pw-loopback tool to loop a capture device to a
playback device.
- Display localized strings correctly in pw-top
- Add some more options to pw-dot
- Session-manager
- When a new node is configured and some stream have this
as the default target, move them to it.
- Fix some crashes.
- Implement volume restore on nodes without routes. This makes
it possible to restore volume on purely software nodes like
- Also try to suspend errored nodes so that they may leave the
error state and be reused again.
- Break endless link loops when something went wrong.
- Device support
- Fix monitor volumes, they are now separate from the hardware
- Fix cracks and pops in alsa capture caused by mismatch between
resampler and capture source.
- Add start-delay config option to alsa sink.
- Ensure the PipeWire midi ports start from a higher number so
that the lower port numbers are available to apps as before.
- Bluetooth
- source devices are now removed when idle
- Support using pipewire as Audio Gateway.
- LDAC encoding quality can be configured now
- Implement codec switching for HFP
- Implement codec switching with new device property.
- Improved stability and compatibility
- Autoconnect device profiles at startup
- Add AAC bitrate mode configuration
- Make it possible to use an A2DP source as an input device. You
can then use your phone as an A2DP microphone, for example.
- Remove battery reporting when RFCOMM connections is closed.
- PulseAudio server
- Add some workarounds for Blueman
- Set correct errno values, fixes a hang in load-module of a
non-existing module
- Try to not send inconsistent information to clients.
- Fix some crashes.
- Add support for the new send-message API, use this to
switch bluetooth codecs.
- Fix draining by making sure we are started.
- Handle 0 sink and source as the default sink/source.
- Implement module-loopback
- Fix some memory leaks when closing a client
- Add self-connect config option to limit where clients
can connect themselves.
- Don't crash when apps call _port_get_buffer() on a
port that is not their own but simply return NULL.
This fixes a crash in Ardour6.
- Improve client added/removed callbacks. Sometimes it would
emit a client remove when there were still ports for the
- make sure midi port names are stable across reboots.
PipeWire 0.3.24
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Highlights
- Many JACK midi improvements and device support.
- Fixes in gnome-control-center default sink/source handling.
- Many small performance improvements in alsa device handling
and latency. There should also be less cracks/pops and xruns
- Fixes for gnome-control-center default sink/source handling.
- More bluetooth compatibility improvements.
- PipeWire improvements
- Implement simple upmixing.
- Disable the resampler when not used. This improves latency
and CPU usage.
- Handle max-quantum on devices and try to not make the quantum
larger than the device buffer size.
- Improvements to how nodes and links are activated. It should
now result in less xruns and cracks/pops.
- meson uses the feature options everywhere now.
- Handle volume remap in the channelmixer. This fixes the channels
on multichannel devices.
- Try to escape invalid JSON string characters.
- Keep better track of changed parameters in audioconvert.
- Improve config files, make arrays where needed.
- Respect NO_COLOR where possible
- Support in-place config file parsing to avoid allocations and
improve startup performance.
- There is now a config option to enable non-power-of-two quantums.
- Preliminary support for upmixing and generating LFE channels.
- Session-manager
- Default nodes are not stored as JSON in the metadata. This
is more readable and introspectable.
- More default-nodes and default-routes improvements. Port
switching should work better now.
- Wait until all devices are scanned before linking clients.
- Fixes some crashes.
- Sinks (monitors) can now be set as default sources.
- Device support
- Fix startup timers for alsa devices.
- Improve timers in alsa when quantum changes. It should cause
less xruns and cracks.
- Fix UCM setup of capture devices.
- Only disable IRQ in alsa when not batch. For batch devices the
hw pointers are updated each IRQ so we need to keep them enabled.
This massively improves latency on USB batch devices to the same
level as JACK (with small enough period size).
- Bluetooth
- Improvements to profile switches.
- Improvements to volume handling.
- Fixes for A2DP sources
- Add support for battery status when available.
- Many other small improvements.
- PulseAudio server
- Handle NULL in set_default_sink/source to clear the default.
- Implement a workaround for gnome-control-center when setting
the default sink/source. It also sets the target in
stream-restore to the new default. This fixes moving streams
in gnome-control-center.
- Fix some races by replying to some requests after the operation
- Prefer formats of the extended format API.
- Create a pid file on startup to improve compatibility with apps
that look for it.
- Capture streams can now be moved to monitors with pavucontrol.
- Fixes for crashes.
- jack clients can now connect to the 'default' server.
- Move midi ports back to the midi client.
- Only mark midi hardware ports as terminal/physical.
- Use the same midi names as a2jmidid.
- match system ports in get_ports.
- Improve compatibility with some apps that require a
fixed latency.
- Beginnings of the libjackserver implementation.
PipeWire 0.3.23
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Highlights
- Fixes for some critical bugs in last release.
- Fix bug where audio was not drained properly at the end of
playback, causing repeating sound.
- Profile and route switching was improved and should mimic
more what pulseaudio did.
- Various fixes for xruns in capture and playback.
- Bluetooth now supports delay adjustment and various other
- The pulseaudio server now correctly identifies AC3 and DTS
streams and returns a not supported error instead of playing
- Multichannel support was improved in the alsa plugin and
the channel mixer. Channels should now play on the right
speakers in all cases.
- PipeWire improvements
- Small fixes and improvements in JSON parsing and encoding.
- Improvements to param handling in audioconverter. It would
previously not always notify of changes.
- Avoid updating some properties that we use internally such
as the object id and the
- log.level in the config files is now actually used.
- the PIPEWIRE_LATENCY env variable should always override
any application settings in filter/stream/jack.
- The config file can now contain filer and stream properties
to, for example, control the resampler, mixer and latency.
- Add sandboxing to the systemd services
- Various FreeBSD fixes.
- Improve draining and a way to exit the drain state as well.
- Many multichannel fixes. Channel remapping should now be
- Fix bug with repeating audio at the end of playback because
the drain in the resampler was not draining all channels.
- RTKit default rt.prio has been increased to 88. This will
likely still be clamped to 20 until distros increase the
max priority.
- Session-manager
- Don't try to switch to Pro Audio profile, this should be
a user choice only.
- Don't crash when metadata was disabled such as when not
using the audio features of pipewire.
- Rework the profile and route handling.
- Add systemd unit files for the media-session
- Device names should now also have sane names so that tab
pactl completion works on them.
- Device support
- Fix ALSA format enumeration in more cases. Use the channels
and rate as a filter.
- Make sure the graph doesn't ever use buffers larger than
the alsa device buffer size or we get xruns.
- Tuning of the alsa device timeout handling and dynamic
resampler. There should now not be any xruns when streams
appear and disappear or when the quantum changes.
- Fix bug in alsa device when reassigning to a new driver,
in some cases the dynamic resampler was not activated and
things would drift out of sync and fail.
- Fixes in quantum changes for ALSA capture and how the
resampler is drained and fed with the new samples.
- Bluetooth
- Delay adjustment has been implemented now. Bluetooth
devices should now be more synchronized with video due
to proper delay reporting. Because BT delays can be
large, it can cause hickups in some players.
- Fix volume in bluetooth devices.
- Codec switch improvements.
- PulseAudio server
- Latency offset adjustment is now implemented and functional
for bluetooth devices. It is not working for alsa devices
- Handle unsupported formats. Previously we would accept encoded
formats and play noise. This fixes AC3 playback in vlc.
- Move some of the configurable parameters to the config file.
- Fix a fatal use after free when playing samples
- Improve module handling. loaded modules now show up in the
list of modules and can be unloaded. This also prepares the
core for more module implementations later.
- ALSA plugin
- Fix drain with very large buffers, we need to manually start
the stream before draining.
- Fix the channel layout handling.
- Improve compatibility with apps that expect the poll to only
return when there is activity.
- Fix drain for capture
- Add a config option to shorten and filter client names
- Increase the length of the client name size and make sure
we don't exceed the allocated size.
- We now include our own jack header files so we can build
without depending on another jack-devel package. We don't
yet install the headers or provide pkgconfig files.
PipeWire 0.3.22
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Highlights
- Per client config files replace the module-profiles. It's
now possible to tweak settings and load custom modules.
- Pro Audio card profile support. You can now select the
Pro Audio profile and have raw device access with the
maximum number of channels and no mixer controls. This is
the usual setup for managing high end Pro Audio cards.
- Many fixes and improvements in the JACK library to make
devices look and integrate better.
- Many bluetooth improvements. Playback should be more
reliable and better synchronized. Support for the HFP HF
- Small fixes and improvements all over the map.
- PipeWire improvements
- Add support for restrictions requested by a client. This
makes it possible to implement Flatpak policy for emulated
PulseAudio clients as well.
- Fix removal of params in objects. Previously they would not
be removed from the cache.
- Remove mlock warnings by default. There is an option to enable
them again if you want to check if your system is optimized.
- Remove LimitMEMLOCK lines from the service files. They can
only lower the system settings and are thus not useful.
- Implement per-client config files. Each pipewire client will
now read a config file that you can use to configure the
context of the client.
- Implement state and config load/save in pipewire. This is used
by the session manager or other apps.
- Make an option to disable dbus support.
- Add tool to convert pipewire config to JSON.
- Session-manager
- Give all permissions to Manager flatpak apps. In the future
we will use the Permission store to remember user settings.
- Improvements to default audio/sink handling.
- Add option to configure device suspend time.
- Small fixes in route handling.
- Device support
- Complain when ACP profile files are not found and use
a fallback in order to get something working.
- Add volume support to monitor ports.
- Fix resume from suspend for ALSA in more cases.
- ALSA ACP cards now have a Pro Audio profile that exposes
the raw card devices.
- Bluetooth
- Enable A2DP delay reporting. This improves audio/video sync
when playing audio over bluetooth.
- Fix stuttering in A2DP source
- Tweak buffer size and latency settings to avoid stuttering
- More work on HSP and HFP support
- Fix initial profile configuration
- Add HFP HF support
- PulseAudio server
- Small tweaks in capture packet size to avoid crashes in some
- Detect Flatpak apps and requests the flatpak permissions from
the session manager. This means that Flatpak pulseaudio apps
will now run with reduced permissions.
- ALSA plugin
- Reduce min buffer size in the plugin for lower possible
- implement some missing methods to make qjackctl work again.
- Use the context data thread instead of making our own. This
fixes the issue where the data thread was not given RT
priority correctly.
- Pass extra jack flags around in port properties. This makes
CV ports in carla work.
- Many tweaks to the port names and aliases. Unwanted characters
are filtered out, giving better names to jack apps. Default
device names are now equal to those seen in pulseaudio apps.
- Add an option to make a separate client for the monitor ports
of a device. This makes it more usable in apps.
- add support for system:playback_N and system:capture_N port
names for apps that hardcode these port names.
PipeWire 0.3.21
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Highlights
- Many PulseAudio compatibility fixes. Handling of corked
streams, the prebuf setting, seek modes and stream flags
are now implemented correctly.
- Ports and Profiles are now managed by the session manager
and can save and restore previous settings.
- ALSA device handling has been tweaked for maximum
compatibility at the expense of latency. There are tuning
options in the config file.
- Improved Bluetooth support. HSP is disabled by default
because it is old and deprecated and in some cases causes
conflicts with the newer HFP profile. Codec switching is
now implemented as well.
- PipeWire accepts donations with liberapay now.
- PipeWire improvements
- Improve draining in pw-stream.
- pw-stream now uses busy metadata by default. This makes sure
that no writer can write to buffers when readers are still
- Fix handling of empty array/choice instead of failing.
- Fix crashes when creating properties from empty strings.
- Make it possible to pass an array to module-access
access.allowed variables
- Fix small bug in argument parsing in pw-cat
- Session-manager
- Restore route volumes in all cases, also when switching
- Use a default route volume for unknown routes instead of
letting the system decide on a default.
- Improve profile handling. Don't try to restore unavailable
profiles. Implement the profile switching in the session
manager now.
- Fix handling of Virtual sources as defaults.
- Handle port switching in the session manager. Implement
save and restore of default ports per profile.
- GStreamer
- Fix a crash with zero SPA_PARAM_BUFFERS_size
- Device support
- v4l2-source will now respect the requested memory types.
- ALSA buffering has been tweaked. USB devices should have
less XRuns by default. Parameters can be tweaked to
decrease the latency on capable devices. Also fix a case
where a quantum change would cause an xrun.
- Fix mute in bluetooth devices
- bluetooth devices are not paused in idle anymore for
improved compatibility.
- Codec switching for bluetooth is implemented along with
config options to select the codecs manually.
- HSP for bluetooth is now disabled by default. Most devices
support the newer HFP profile and some devices fail when
both are available.
- Reduce the amount of events the ALSA plugins emit by bundling
- PulseAudio server
- Implement the suspend command
- Fixes volume in sample info
- Fix playback of samples, sometimes samples would be clipped
short. Also implement the target sink for the sample.
- Use rate match to feed samples. This way the latency can
be kept to a minimum.
- Latency has been tuned some more, more closely emulating
pulseaudio behaviour.
- Improve default sink/source handling. Make sure all events
are sent correctly when defaults change.
- Handle underrun better without causing sync issues. Make sure
to pause in corked state.
- Implement rewind due to seeks, fixes GStreamer seeking.
PipeWire 0.3.20
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Highlights
- Latency was reduced in ALSA and PulseAudio and time
reporting has improved a lot.
- Bluetooth now has a native HFP backed, SBC XQ and
mSBC support.
- Many bugfixes and improvements, improved device
- PipeWire improvements
- pw-dump can now dump all objects such as Endpoints
- pw-dump has a -m option to monitor changes
- pw-dump can now dump metadata
- pw-stream can now use the rate-match io to exactly
produce the required number of samples for the
current cycle. When using this feature, a stream can
achieve the same low-latency as pw-filter.
- spa-acp-tool can now load a custom profile-set and
correctly parses the volume updates
- There is now a nofail option when loading modules
- The connection has been made reentrant to fix some
strange random problems with metadata.
- Turn some errors into warnings or simply info.
- Executables are now built with PIE
- S24OE formats should work now (MAudio FastTrack Pro)
- Remove mlock warnings. Add support for mlockall with
a config option.
- Session-manager
- There are now config files for bluez and v4l2 modules
- Improve ALSA device and node properties
- Bluetooth devices have better properties now.
- The default device routing has been improved.
- Device support
- Port priorities are updated for UCM devices
- ACP devices notify change in routes in all cases
- There is now RW support in ALSA devices to increase
- Many improvements to Bluetooth. SBC XQ support can now
be enabled with a config option. mSBC can be enabled
with an option.
- Bluetooth devices not expose Routes so that they look
more like how PulseAudio handles them
- Gracefully handle missing profile-sets
- There is now a native HFP backend
- Improve card names in some cases.
- pause-on-idle is now disabled for ALSA devices. This can
reduce pops and clicks when the device is stopped.
- ALSA plugin
- Use rate-match to reduce the latency
- Implement a _delay() function to get smoother timestamps.
- Fix property parsing. Fixes volume changes in alsamixer.
- PulseAudio server
- Use rate-match to reduce the latency. This also reduces
the buffering in audioconvert and improves timestamp
- Implement rate changes now that we have rate-match
- pactl stats will now work
- Fix excessive memory usage when a capture client doesn't
read fast enough.
PipeWire 0.3.19
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Highlights
- Startup after login should be fixed now with inotify
used to wait for permissions.
- Channels should be mapped correctly now.
- Many bluetooth improvements in LDAC, AptX-HD. AAC was
also added. Headsets should work better now.
- pipewire-libpulse was removed. It is now completely
replaced by pipewire-pulse.
- Fix a crasher bug in pipewire-pulse and some memory leaks.
- Fix a bug with feedback loop that would cause 100% CPU.
- A new pw-top tool to display real-time graph performance.
- The example session manager now has config files.
- The config file format was changed to use the SPA JSON
tokenizer. This makes it more flexible and extensible.
- PipeWire improvements
- Fix debug of id in format channels
- Audioconvert should now remap channels correctly in all
- Feedback loops were not scheduled correctly and would
cause 100% CPU usage.
- Small improvements to the profiler to also log incomplete
graph status.
- a new tool pw-top was added that prints real-time performance
stats of the graph.
- the rtkit module now sets the nice level to -11
- Session-manager
- The session manager would sometimes link dont-reconnect
nodes to another node, which would leak monitor streams in
- The session manager now has configuration files. Config files
can also be placed in the user home directory to make custom
- The session managers now creates unique device and node
names for alsa and v4l2 devices.
- Device support
- Many improvements in Bluetooth codecs, LDAC stuttering,
AptX-HD negotiation, LDAC ABR support
- Bluetooth supports AAC audio now.
- Many fixes to Bluetooth SCO transport used in headsets.
- inotify support in device monitors
- ACP was synced with the latest pulseaudio code
- Fix a bug in enumeration of device ports.
- PulseAudio server
- seek flags and offset are now supported, making gstreamer
pulse elements work better.
- Fix a crasher bug in pipewire-pulse, we sometimes would
write too much to the ringbuffer
- Fix some memory leaks in error cases.
- Fix handling of NULL string to locate default sink/source
- JACK layer
- Ports can also be found with the aliases now, making
qjackctl work in more cases.
PipeWire 0.3.18
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Highlights
- More work in the PulseAudio server. It should be compatible
with more applications.
- Bluetooth now support extra codecs such as AptX/HD and LDAC.
- Support for virtual sources and sink was improved a lot.
- Added a new pw-dump tool to dump the objects in JSON formats
and for filtering them with tools like jq.
- Many more stability fixes and improvements.
- PipeWire improvements
- Silence some harmless warnings
- pw-cli can now be used to set parameters.
- Streams now perform the correct channel mapping when linked
to non-standard multichannel devices. Previously channels
would get swapped.
- port, node and device params are now cached in the server.
This avoids opening and closing devices whenever some client
enumerates formats, which improves performance a lot,
especially in cases where opening a device is slow.
- Add a command to keep a device open during negotiation. This
is used to enumerate and set a format while opening the
device just once, improving performance.
- The null-sink scheduling was fixed.
- A memory corruption bug was fixed in format conversion, this
could cause crashes, silent channels or other undefined
- There is now a simple JSON parser.
- Session-manager
- Settings files are now stored in JSON. With the json parser
this is easier to parse and extend
- Device support
- Bluetooth now supports additional codecs: LDAC, AptX and
AptX HD. LDAC is known to not work very well yet.
- ALSA devices will now default to the max supported channels
if nothing else is specified. This makes it possible to use
8+ channel cards with the alsa-pcm module, which is not
supported with the default alsa-acp module.
- Enable mSBC support in oFono.
- Add an option to disable hardware mixers
- ALSA now improves support for batch devices.
- The udev rules had references to Pulseaudio removed in order
to not create conflicts.
- Fix a potential crash in bluetooth devices when
- UCM cards now use HW volume when possible.
- PulseAudio server
- The id can now be used as the name to locate cards and
- Report streams with planar formats as well
- Better error reporting when stream create fails
- module-null-sink can now handle channels, rate and
channel_map properties
- Add support for 3 types of virtual devices: source,
sink and duplex.
- set-port was fixed
- Some buffer parameters were tweaked to improve
performance, compatibility and stuttering with lower
- NULL can be used as a name for the device sink/source
- Support lookup of monitor names
- Set properties more like pulseaudio so that some
clients (Teamspeak) don't crash anymore
PipeWire 0.3.17
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Highlights
- Fix crasher bug for kwin when screensharing stopped.
- Massive improvements and compatibility fixes in the
PulseAudio server.
- The session manager now has a config directory in
/etc/pipewire/media-session.d/ It will look for files there
to activate session manager modules. Packagers can use
this to only activate the audio modules when the PulseAudio
server, or the alsa modules are installed.
- PipeWire improvements
- We now clear hooks before adding them. Some application
did not clear them and had random data for the destroy
- Return -ENOENT from unknown resources so apps can handle
this better. It's a common problem when an app tries to
introspect and object but it disappeared before the message
reached the server. Apps should ignore this.
- channelmap information is now passed with the volume
- DMABuf is not mmapp()ed anymore with the FLAG_MAP_BUFFERS in
the stream or filter. This is because DMABuf usually
requires more that just a simple mmap and is better left
for the application.
- increase the maximum number of ports for a client-node.
- adapter and node-factory now support the linger option to
keep the objects alive after the creating client disconnected.
- Device support
- ALSA now handles error in close(), like when unplugging a
USB device.
- Session-manager
- The session manager is now handling DONT_RECONNECT streams
without a target node. They get connected to a default node
once and then fail to reconnect.
- The session manager now exposes the stream setting as
metadata. This makes it possible for other components, such
as pulse-server to use this information. Information is stored
as a json object for easier consumption.
- The session manager now has a config directory in
/etc/pipewire/media-session.d/ packagers can use this
- PulseAudio server
- Pulse server now acquire the dbus name.
- Improvements in timing and compatibility with many apps.
- The stream-restore extension is now implemented so that
the event volume can be configured.
- Many stability fixes and improvements.
- Fix some issues with module-load/unload
PipeWire 0.3.16
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Highlights
- Fix screensharing for old 0.2 clients
- Many pulse-server improvements. There is now a
pipewire-pulse binary that is the preferred solution for
PulseAudio compatibility. The replacement libpulse
libraries are now deprecated. This also makes audio in
Flatpak work.
- PipeWire improvements
- Fix cleanup of listeners everywhere. Force remove of
listeners in _destroy to avoid crashes.
- Add support for a journald logger module.
- Various memory leak fixes
- Silence some warnings that spammed the logs.
- Fix flush in pw_stream. This fixes small glitches when
switching streams in music players.
- Various FreeBSD fixes and improvements.
- Fix some crashes when destroying objects.
- Device support
- Reload the ALSA configuration when creating a node so that
hotplugged devices work in all cases.
- Fix memory leaks in ACP library. This also fixes issues
where the mixer device was not closed.
- Bluetooth now has support for the mSBC codec for SCO
source and sink.
- pulse-server
- Many introspection and compatibility improvements. It should
now be as good or better than the replacement library.
- Implement sample cache to make notification events work.
- JACK layer
- handle errors when linking, fixes jack_connect hang when
the ports were already linked.
PipeWire 0.3.15
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Highlights
- This is a quick update to fix critical issues with the
0.3.14 update, which broke screen sharing and accidentally
enabled the experimental pulse-server.
- Fix some compatibility issues in pulse-server with
pavucontrol and fix an issue that would block the complete
- PipeWire improvements
- Permission checks for new clients are now done from a
global context, which makes it possible to assign initial
permissions to objects.
- Handle EINTR everywhere
- Fix an issue with the node state changes where a quick
pause/play would hang a client.
- Session manager improvements
- Disable the bluez5 and pulse-bridge modules by default because
they interfere with pulseaudio. These options should only be
enabled if pulseaudio is removed or disabled in the system.
- Fix an issue where the session manager could end up in
infinite recursion while scanning for things to do.
- The session manager will now always configure nodes to remix
to the channel configuration of the device. This fixes the case
where mono streams would only end up on one channel of a stereo
- Device support
- Initial merge of A2DP extra codec support using the new bluez5
- pulse-server
- Create the runtime directory when it doesn't exist.
- Don't ever block the server, use non-blocking IO everywhere.
- Fill description of profiles with the name if not otherwise set,
this fixes a crash in pavucontrol.
- the connection debug category will now also debug pulse
- Respect the no_remix flag to make the control panel channel
check work.
- ALSA plugin
- implement pause
PipeWire 0.3.14
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Highlights
- This release focuses on bugfixes and stability
- A new experimental pulse-server module was added. This
module implements the pulseaudio protocol on top of
PipeWire and can be used to make flatpaks work with
PipeWire. It looks like this might be a better way
forward compared to the replacement library.
- A2DP bluetooth was reworked. Playback should work a lot
better now. Support was also added to automatically link
an A2DP source to a playback device, which makes it possible
to use PipeWire as a bluetooth receiver as well.
- Improvements to the routing and volume restore features
of the session manager.
- PipeWire improvements
- The channelmixer does not normalize volumes anymore. Volumes
are only normalized for monitoring streams now.
- Streams can actually start in the inactive state now.
- The channelmixer can now also convert volume updates from one
channel layout to another. This makes saved volumes work
even when streams have different channel layouts.
- Clients are only registered after the properties have been
- Links now have a new active state.
- Drivers can now also specify a minimum quantum. This makes it
possible for bluetooth devices to specify an optimum quantum
for the given codec settings and MTU.
- The amount of data sent over the socket was reduced by only
sending the data that changed.
- Client objects are now exposed after they uploaded their
properties, which makes the new object more useful.
- Tools improvements
- pw-cat will now add metadata to the PipeWire streams.
- Session manager improvements
- Fix crashes when reading bad data in stored settings.
- volume and routing is improved. Settings are now remembered
per application or media-role.
- The session manager remembers the last device used per stream
- Fix a bug when moving streams where it could sometimes end
up with linking a stream to multiple devices.
- Use RTKit to set realtime priority on the data thread in the
session manager. This improves performance of the pulse-server
and bluetooth devices.
- Add a new property to mark streams that want to capture from
the monitor of the default sink.
- NODE_TARGET can now also contain the node name. This avoids
some lookups in the pulseaudio layer when selecting target
nodes by name.
- the -e and -d options are more usable now and can be used to
add and remove modules from the default list of modules.
- Device support
- v4l2: add some workarounds for buggy drivers. Add Limited
support for droidcam.
- ACP: improve selection of default port and profiles.
- ACP: add support for using the hardware mixer for more than
8 channel streams.
- ACP: support the new port type and availability group found
in PulseAudio.
- A2DP bluetooth timings were reworked. Automatic linking of
A2DP sources was added to make it possible for PipeWire to
act as a bluetooth receiver. The code was reworked to allow
other codecs such as APTX and LDAC in the future.
- Try harder to recover from ALSA errors.
- GStreamer improvements
- Fix some crashes in the monitor that cause
gnome-initial-setup to crash.
- PulseAudio layer improvements
- Many compatibility improvements. Improved playback in
chrome. Fix a crash in firefox when the daemon is stopped.
- Fix a leak in the formats.
- Fix !ADJUST_LATENCY streams like paplay.
- Make the device option in paplay work.
- Fix volume/mute notifications, this makes plasma volume updates
work again.
- Do the conversion between PulseAudio cubic volumes and PipeWire
linear volumes. Volume levels should behave now like they did
with PulseAudio.
- JACK layer improvements
- Return an error when we run out of midi events. Some application
rely on this behaviour.
- ALSA plugin improvements
- The ALSA plugin now also supports the node name in the
playback_node and capture_node properties.
PipeWire 0.3.13
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- PipeWire improvements
- Add pw-reserve tool to reserve or monitor a device on DBus.
- Install spa-resample, a tool to resample a file.
- Install spa-acp-tool, a tool to inspect the card profile.
- Various fixes and improvements
- Fix a bug in pw-stream where a capture stream could run out
of buffers and become silent.
- Rework the processing loops in the adapter and stream. There
is now less latency in PulseAudio and ALSA layers.
- Session manager improvements
- Improve the device reservation code. We now try to acquire
the device using the dbus device reservation API before we
probe the device. This avoids conflicts with a running
PulseAudio where devices would disappear (because they were
locked by the other process).
- Don't fail on invalid input from the config files.
- Audio devices now have the same name as what PulseAudio
would assign.
- Device support
- v4l2: try to use the format before enumerating the size and
framerate. Some drivers don't check the format and might now
work better.
- v4l2: Fall back to MMAP when EXPBUF fails. Fix MMAP access,
just export the fd and the mapoffset. This should make more
devices work.
- Fix crash in ALSA Card Profile (ACP) code.
- ACP: fix selection of default profile. Prefer any possibly
available profile over 'Off'. This makes some card at least
start with something.
- Fix soft volume. After setting the volume to 0, it would stay
at 0 until pushed over the max volume. This should fix
various volume related issues.
- PulseAudio layer improvements
- Rework the buffering and latency measurements and tweak the
buffer attributes. This should make browsers and media
players work better. This should also improve speechd
- JACK layer improvements
- Fix compilation against newer JACK.
PipeWire 0.3.12
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- PipeWire improvements
* the channelmap converter now handles unknown and strange
channellayouts much better.
* the resampler is now cleared correctly, avoiding clicks and
pops at the start of sound.
* Fixes for various crasher bugs. (paplay drain, vlc shutdown,
pactl info, ...)
* Fix a race condition in the node state changes that caused
all kinds of sync and other issues (vlc, mpv, ...)
* Improve the binary name property of applications
* Fix the scheduling again of nodes that always need a driver
such as the jack clients.
- Session manager improvements
* fix routing to default nodes. Sometimes nodes were not routed to
the default node (bluetooth)
- Device support
* disable channelmap from ALSA by default. This is what PulseAudio
does and thus provides better compatibility.
* fix a bug in how the resampler was used in the ALSA source,
causing distortion and errors when using low latency capture
clients. (Discord, webrtc, ...)
* Small bluetooth improvements. More work is needed for reliable
bluetooth playback.
- GStreamer plugins
* the device provider now stops the processing loop before shutting
down, which avoids crashes (gnome-initial-setup).
- PulseAudio layer improvements
* the buffer attributes were reworked to ensure compatibility with
many more applications such as mpv and audacious.
* the pulseaudio layer will now try hard to not hand out invalid
channel maps to the application. (avoids crashes in
gnome-volume-control). The channel map will now also look more
like what PulseAudio does.
* the @DEFAULT_SINK/SOURCE/MONITOR@ wildcards now work. This
fixes the problem with volume keys when they are bound to
scripts using pactl and the default sink/source wildcards.
* the PIPEWIRE_LATENCY environment variable now works again
* Fix some leaks of ports and port info. Also fix the leak of the
context when the mainloop is stopped.
* The sink/source format_info array is now filled up completely,
this is actually not implemented yet in the real PulseAudio.
- JACK layer improvements
* jack now returns version 3.0.0 and has PipeWire in the version
string so that apps can report this.
PipeWire 0.3.11
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- PipeWire improvements
* Properly cleanup the mixer structures when a port is removed,
this should fix client crashes related to port config changes
and other random crashes.
* Optimize the preferred formats in the audio converter. Higher
quality formats with higher performance are chosen first.
* Make sure the time reported by pw_stream is always increasing,
even when the driver and clock changes.
* There is now also a system service and socket that can be used
to enable PipeWire systemwide. This is however not recommended
and disabled by default.
* Fix channelmixer 5.1 to stereo mix matrix. It was not reading
the conversion matrix correctly and cause channels to be
dropped. The channelmixer will now also normalize the volume,
like what pulseaudio does.
* The channelmixer will now just copy channels when no layout
has been given. It has also optimized paths for this. This
makes it possible for apps to request > 8 channels from the
alsa plugin (ardour).
* Port, Node and Link will now also emit an error on the
resources in addition to updating the error in the info. This
would make it easier to track negotiation errors in the session
manager later.
* many small fixes and cleanups.
* Fix compatibility:
+ DOSBox: fix crash because of double free in pw_stream
- Session manager improvements
* The session manager will now try to configure the client to
the channel configuration of the sink/source. It will only
do this for downmixing, never for upmixing and also never
when the client has the dont-remix property set. It will
also renegotiate the channel layout when moving a stream to
a new sink/source.
* Configuration state is now saved in XDG_CONFIG_HOME.
Previously it was saved in $HOME/.pipewire-media-session/
You can migrate the state by moving the files to
$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/pipewire-media-session (or
$HOME/.config/pipewire-media-session as a fallback when
XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not set).
- Device support
* Bluetooth sources and sinks should work better now.
* There is now also a new bluetooth backend using hsphfpd.
* fix the ALSA UCM Off profile for alsa pcm devices
* improve ALSA port and profile switching. The ACP device will
now switch to the best port and profile when availability
- PulseAudio layer improvements
* Implement some more callbacks. The pulse layer will now also
notify applications of stream moved, started and latency
* Fix error code when an object was not found. We now return
* Add some support for loading new null sinks. Applications such
as pulseeffects use this. Note that pulseeffects does not yet
work reliably but can start now.
* Improve handling of profile and port updates, it should work
much more reliable now. Apps should now also again receive
volume updates from sinks/sources.
* Fix compatibility:
+ openal-soft 1.20
+ pavucontrol (checks PA_ERR_NOENTITY)
- JACK layer improvements
* improve default source and sink handling. It was not updated
correctly in all cases.
* add samplerate and period to the pw-jack wrapper to easily
configure the desired samplerate and period for the app.
- ALSA plugin improvements
* Add a mixer entry in the alsa config file.
* Implement support for planar types, rework the processing
function to make it more robust.
* refuse to load the alsa plugin when linked against 0.2. This
catches some old apps linked against 0.2 that want to use the
alsa plugin.
* Fix compatibility:
+ linphone (ALSA SIGFPE when _status() is called
before _prepare()).
PipeWire 0.3.10
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Many improvements to the pulse layer.
* GStreamer pulsesink element now works.
* Fixes some segfaults.
* Enable rtkit for client threads.
* fixes capture of monitor stream by name
* implement some more extensions, this makes paman
work and removes some warnings.
- Many improvements to the GStreamer elements
* negotiation rework, avoid calling GStreamer methods from
the PipeWire callbacks because they might block and cause
* Add support for non-string property values.
* improve stability after buffer and format
* Rework the device provider.
* pipewiresink can now provide a stream that can
be consumed by apps like cheese.
- Many improvements to the JACK layer:
* Rework the buffer_size callbacks. Make sure we call
the callback from a 'safe' thread and that we don't
call the process callback while the application is
handling the callback. This improves stability in
apps like Carla when PipeWire dynamically changes
the buffer size.
* Improve compatibility with apps that call
get_buffer_frames() with a 0 size (calfjackrack)
* JACK can now create nodes that can be set as a
sink/source in PulseAudio/ALSA apps (you can make an
effects rack and set that as default sink for
- Added a group id property for nodes. This makes it
possible to schedule nodes with the same driver even
when they are otherwise not linked together. To make
this work well a new flag needed to be added to nodes
to signal when they are ready for processing.
Together with the GStreamer fixes, this makes things
gst-launch-1.0 -v pipewiresrc path=51 stream-properties="props," !
audio/x-raw ! pipewiresink stream-properties="props,"
work as expected with PipeWire managing the resampling
to keep the clocks of the devices in sync.
This can later also be used to force devices to be grouped
together to create a JACK-like scheduling group.
- Streams and filter now use PIPEWIRE_NODE and
PIPEWIRE_LATENCY env variables as fallback.
- ACP add per device port list. This makes UCM devices
expose the right ports.
- Fix some segfaults in ACP and UCM.
- make pw-cat use the metadata to find default devices.
- The media session can now save and load audio device
Profiles and Routes (volumes), stream volumes and
the default sink and sources.
PipeWire 0.3.9
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Fix bad audio in chrome
- Remove some errors that are not real errors.
- Fix 100% cpu when disconnecting devices.
- Improve pulseaudio introspection of formats
- Fix JACK metadata handling, carla can now monitor the
port it creates and insert midi.
- Add a new permission bit (M) that is needed to be able
to configure metadata on an object. Improve security of
metadata some more, only allow metadata on objects that
are visible to the client setting the metadata.
- Add support for videocrop in the GStreamer elements.
- Improve handling of the runtime directory for the
server sockets. Add some reasonable fallback when
XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not set, as suggested in the spec.
- Improve ALSA device names from ACP.
- Fix various crasher bugs. One in the pulse layer, one in
the session manager.
- Make alsa plugin respect the PIPEWIRE_REMOTE env variable.
- Various compile fixes.
PipeWire 0.3.8
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Fix an embarrassing crasher in the JACK layer when
metadata keys were removed.
- Make it possible to add properties to jack clients with
a PIPEWIRE_PROPS env variable. This can be used to make
JACK nodes look like a device (like an effects rack).
- Improvements in the session manager in how it links
ports. Now it will try to link matching channels first
and be more intelligent otherwise. The session manager
will also configure the stream to the device port
configuration when needed.
- Add ofono backend for Bluetooth HeadSet support.
- Improve default source and sink handling. They are now
stored with their id, instead of name, in the metadata.
This makes it work better with JACK because of JACK's
limited name length.
- Improve environment variables to make it possible to
create and connect to servers other than "pipewire-0".
Implement this in pulseaudio, JACK and alsa layers.
- Add an alsa mixer plugin so that alsamixer works with
PipeWire. It will configure the default source/sink
- Fix capture devices. There was something wrong with how
the resampler was used that caused corruption in the
signal when the resampler was active.
- We now ship alsa card paths, profile-sets configuration
files and udev rules so that we don't have to rely on
the pulseaudio ones.
- Many build and stability fixes.
PipeWire 0.3.7
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Improved PulseAudio compatibility. The alsa card profile
code was reused from PulseAudio. Devices now support
all profiles, ports, jack detection, UCM and hardware
mixers that PulseAudio implements. There should not
be (almost) any difference between PipeWire and PulseAudio
in how it presents and manages devices.
Other missing API pieces such as the default sink/source
and move_stream are implemented now. At this point
it should be possible to replace PulseAudio with the
compatibility layer for those who want to try.
- Many fixes and improvements to the GStreamer elements.
pipewiresrc now has the ability to periodically resend
the last frame. This makes it possible for use-cases like
screensharing to only update the screen on changes while
still keeping the client side encoder busy. PipeWire
elements can now also share a connection between them.
- Improvements to the bluetooth nodes. Dynamically adding
and removing devices should work much smoother now. Many
fixes and improvements to a2dp and sco nodes.
- Reduced memory usage by using less pre-allocated memory
where possible. JACK clients are especially using less
- Support for passive links is added again. These are links
that don't cause the associated driver to become active.
This makes it possible to have blocks of effects+sinks go
to suspend as a group when not in use.
- Both consumers and producers can now ask to renegotiate
the format. This required some cleanups and improvements
to how links and node states were handled. More work is
needed to implement more use cases.
- Important fixes to how memory is shared with clients. Memory
was not correctly freed in all cases, which would result
in reuse of the wrong memory.
- Support for planar formats for audio and video was added.
- Improved error handling in the session manager.
- Metadata is now used to manage default audio source and
sink devices. The session manager will try to link streams
to the default device. Changing the default device will
move streams to the new device. PulseAudio and JACK layers
respect the default source/sinks.
- Metadata is used to tag the desired output device for
a stream and the session manager will move streams when
the metadata changes. The PulseAudio layer uses this to
implement the move_stream feature.
- Many fixes to the security modules. The session manager now
has a flatpak module that grants permissions to flatpak
apps. The PulseAudio layer now respects the permissions of
objects. Security related properties are made read-only
now. Different access modules can now coexist.
- The portal module has been split up in 2 parts:
1) a part living in the daemon that monitors the portal
dbus owner and tags all clients from this PID. This
part has to run in the daemon in order to securely
tag the clients.
2) a part in the session manager that uses the permission
store to manage the permissions of portal managed
PipeWire 0.3.6
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Extensive memory leak fixing and stress testing was done.
A big leak in screen sharing with DMA-BUF was fixed.
- Compile fixes
- Stability improvements in jack and pulseaudio layers.
- Added the old portal module to make the Camera portal
work again. This will be moved to the session manager in
future versions.
- Improvements to the GStreamer source and sink shutdown.
- Fix compatibility with v2 clients again when negotiating
PipeWire 0.3.5
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Compiler fixes
- Add pw-midiplay and pw-midirecord aliases
- Add pw-mididump tool
- Add pw-metadata tool to inspect, add and remove metadata
for objects.
- Docs updates, man pages
- install alsa config files
- Fix linked sink/source in pulseaudio
- ratelimit graph processing warnings
- improve buffer handling in GStreamer elements
- Fix power usage by removing the queue for the alsa
sequencer system announce messages.
- Fix metadata clear() method dispatch.
- Improve parameter enumeration, make it possible to detect
missing parameters vs no-compatible parameters so that we
can use defaults in the first case and error in the second
- Fix cleanup of proxy objects. Stability improvements on
plug/unplug in session manager.
- Make it possible to set log level from config file
- improve debug of param negotiation errors. Log the
parameters to stderr/journal.
- Make it possible to configure global logger
- Fix NEON detection
- JACK and PulseAudio compatibility improvements
PipeWire 0.3.4
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- A quick update with some important stability fixes.
PipeWire 0.3.3
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- NEON optimizations for audio conversion (32 and 64 bits)
- rework of session manager implementation
- Add option to disable modules in the session manager
- Release midi hardware devices when suspended
- various build fixes
- Clean up options of various utils
- Stability improvements
- Mayor improvements in pulseaudio emulation. Improved
timings and compatibility.
- Implementation of drain and flush in pulse and alsa
- Implement poll on file descriptors.
- Improvement of metadata for jack emulation.
- Fix memory and thread problems in jack emulation.
- Simplification of state changes. Should make more use
cases work in the jack emulation.
- Improvements in the gstreamer elements. Removal of
extra internal queue. pipewiresink can now be used to
play audio.
- Add pw-jack and pw-pulse scripts to run pulseaudio and
jack applications with the right library path.
PipeWire 0.3.2
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- build fixes
- Added support for data type negotiation. This makes it
possible for a client to say that it can handle DMABuf
and MemFd and then let the server select a compatible
- Handle errors when enumerating parameters better.
- Add support for rate, format, channels and period_bytes
to the alsa config file to restrict what alsa apps can
- Fix JACK midi output.
- Optimizations in common audio format conversions using
AVX2. Small optimizations to plugins.
- Change the vulkan compute example to an MIT licensed
- Remove some hardcoded defaults in the audio and video
processing and use the values from the processing
context. This also fixes the vulkan example.
- Correct the documentation and defaults in the daemon
config file.
- Fix alsa and v4l2 buffer recycle. A paused client could
cause the server to leak all buffers.
- Remove some warnings that should be ignored.
- Fix a crash in the bluez5 plugins.
- Try to select higher quality formats first when
negotiating a format with an audio device.
- Fix an infinite loop in udev detection in some cases.
- Add non-interactive mode to pw-cli. You can now just
do "pw-cli ls Port" to get a listing of all ports.
pw-cli will now also connect to the default server by
default and has options to select a different server.
- Allow the server to go up to the maximum quantum (8192
samples or ~=180ms) if a client explicitly wants this.
PipeWire 0.3.1
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Don't load the rtkit module by default. It can cause a
sigkill, which is not desirable for mutter, for example.
Only enable this for the jack library for now.
- Don't use pthread cancel by default because it uses a
signal that might crash some apps. Only use it for
the jack library because jack clients really expect this.
- Build fixes for -Werror=suggest-attribute=format
- improve error messages, don't report harmless errors and
warnings. Try to send error messages to the proxy that
started the operation or is the owner of the object.
- pw-cat: midi improvement, add midi recording and dump
in verbose mode
- fix properties when loading spa-nodes from the config
- Fix and update some examples
- jack: check arguments and don't crash when invalid
- Fix buffer memory upload.
- jack: fix compatibility with zrythm. Fix timemaster
install, improve sample_rate callback. Fix reposition
- fix crash in port after buffer negotiation error.
- add support for control ports in pw_filter
- fix cleanup of the metadata module
- improve param enumeration.
- Clear stream buffers when the format is cleared.
- Add create-object command in the config file to create
object from a factory.
- Fix crash after the driver was not removed from unassigned
nodes. Also properly pause inactive nodes.
- Use "true" and "false" in properties when we are talking
about a boolean.
- pulseaudio: improve compatibility
PipeWire 0.3.0
The 0.3 release is a major milestone in the development of
PipeWire. It features a complete redesign of the scheduling
mechanisms that make it possible to run a JACK compatibility
layer with comparable performance to JACK2.
The API has been reworked and is declared stable now. All
development files and runtime paths are versioned so that
future incompatible changes can be done without breaking
existing applications.
PipeWire 0.3 also includes a (now mandatory) session manager
that populates and controls the PipeWire graph. This example
session manager is very simple and not configurable. It is
expected that future version will either switch to a more
flexible session manager (like WirePlumber) or improve the
configuration options of the example session manager.
PipeWire 0.3 includes both PulseAudio, JACK and ALSA
compatibility libraries that are known to support a wide range
of applications. The ALSA library is pretty complete at this
point. The JACK and mostly the PulseAudio compatibility
libraries need more work. See the Wiki pages for the current
compatibility problems. We do not yet encourage people to
switch away from their existing audio solutions (PulseAudio
or JACK) but we would love to hear from people who try it
anyways. Future versions will mostly focus on improving
compatibility further to make PipeWire a drop-in replacement.
PipeWire comes with some GStreamer plugins to consume and
produce data for PipeWire. The consumer (pipewiresrc) is
working well in most cases. The sink (pipewiresink) is known
to be somewhat problematic for now.
PipeWire 0.2.97
Eighth pre-release for upcoming 0.3:
- Build fixes
- pw-cat improvement: Fix remote name, add midi support
- add device subscribe params for completeness
- jack and pulseaudio compatibility fixes
- Fix a bug in resampler, add quality option, tweaked quality
settings, tested now against
testsignals and submitted results for publication.
- Fix awkwardness in buffer negotiations, the default number of
buffers was 4 and jack could only handle 2, causing
corruption. Also implement negotiation of Step ranges.
- Fix device reservation to work together with pulseaudio,
previously we would block pulseaudio.
PipeWire 0.2.96
Seventh pre-release for upcoming 0.3:
- jack: improve compatibility
- Fix unit test
- Fix license of jack and alsa libs
- Make start/stop more threadsafe
- Fix rt-kit again, add params to configure things, increase default
soft/hard limits to avoid being killed.
- version 0 compatibility improvements, tested with firefox, cheese,
GStreamer and chrome using compat layers.
- Fix timing for gstreamer source
- Require libspa in pkg-config file
- Limit buffers to 16 to support old clients
PipeWire 0.2.95
Sixth pre-release for upcoming 0.3:
- Fix tests for big endian some more
- Improve v2 compatibility mode: improve type negotiation and
- Workaround for firefox screen sharing
PipeWire 0.2.94
Fifth pre-release for upcoming 0.3:
- Fix man page names
- Fix jack set_sync_timeout
- Improve JACK compatibility with apps that cache buffer pointers.
- Improve mlock failure warning message, add property to configure
if mlock should be used.
- Improve OBJECT_PATH in alsa objects
- Install in versioned directory
- Add pw-profiler tool
- Improve pulseaudio compatibility wrt pa_operations
- Thread safety fixes in remote nodes when activating/deactivating
- Improve JACK names on duplicates
- Add option to ignore failure when loading modules
PipeWire 0.2.93
Fourth pre-release for upcoming 0.3:
- Fix unit tests on 32 bits
- Append -pw version to pulse and jack libs. This way we can install
it next to the real libraries and use a symlink to enable it.
- Improve jack support by killing threads with pthread_cancel. This
then also remove the eventfd from the data-loop, making it
maybe a little faster.
- Fix jack_client_close() compatibility
- Fix some segfaults in the session manager
- Improve debug of protocol messages
- Add examples options
- Don't fail when alsa is not found
- Fix some compiler warnings with a new spa_aprintf() helper.
- Add pw-cat, the simple audio playback/record tool
- Rename pipewire tools to pw- prefix
- Add improve pw-cli object dump feature
PipeWire 0.2.92
Third pre-release for upcoming 0.3:
- Improve old version check some more
- Fix unit tests on little/big endian
- Fix compilation when CPU has no optimisations
- Install jack and pulse libraries
- Handle -EACCESS in flatpack access module
PipeWire 0.2.91
It is mostly a bugfix release to make the new version install and
run correctly in distros.
- Install session manager, fix path to find the session manager
- Fix alsa buffer reuse
- Small fixes for crasher bugs
- Implement pw_core_set_paused() to suspend/resume even
processing. This can be used when using multiple connections
to a daemon and one needs to pause one connection until the
other one completes an action. Used by session managers.
- Improve old version check
PipeWire 0.2.90
This is the first pre-release of the 0.3 version. It consists of a
major rewrite and is not API or ABI compatible with the 0.2
PipeWire 0.2.7
This is mostly a bugfix release and is API/ABI compatible with
previous 0.2 versions.
Work is ongoing in the work branch that features a completely new
scheduling method that will enable audio support. Some of these
API changes are backported in this branch.
- Add support for alsa-lib 1.1.9 which changed the include path
- Improve error checking and reporting in the protocol
- deviceprovider: fix probing without starting
- add sentinel to some functions
- compiler fixes for musl
- Revert object tree permission checks that broke things, this is
probably not a good idea (and the tree of objects is going to
be removed later)
PipeWire 0.2.6
- Improve error checking for threads
- Fix some memory and fd leaks
- Fix compilation with C++ compilers and clang
- DISABLE_RTKIT should now not try to use dbus at all
- Camera Portal fixes:
- add Camera media.role
- Rename module-flatpak to module-portal
- Use the portal permissions store for camera checks
- Actually use the passed fd in pipewiresrc
- Make properties with "pipewire." prefix read-only
- Add security label to client object
- Enforce link permissions
- Permissions of objects are now combined with parent permissions
- Remove libv4l2 dependency, it is not used
- Improve format negotiation in autolink #146
- Try to avoid list corruption with event emission #143
- Fix destroy of client-node memory corruption
- Various small improvements
PipeWire 0.2.5
- build fixes for systemd
- Add cursor and bitmap metadata. This can be used to send a cursor
sprite with the video stream.
- permissions were set too strict for non-flatpak clients
- Fix crash in loop caused by thread unsafe hook emission
- Add more error checking for thread-loop
- Small cleanups and bugfixes
PipeWire 0.2.4
- Install man pages in right directory
- Add systemd socket activation
- Various memory leak and corruption fixes in properties, dbus and
buffer mmapped memory.
- Fix v4l2 crash on unplug
- improve stream cleanup
PipeWire 0.2.3
- Fix deviceprovider caps introspection
- Refcounting fixes in pipewiresrc
- Remove clock interpolation from stream
- Improve clock in gstreamer elements
- Remove spalib
- Fix crash with pw_map
- Add version number to hook list
- Improve driver mode in gstreamer elements
- add daemon options
- add man pages
PipeWire 0.2.2
- Increment API version and .so version
PipeWire 0.2.1
- Various fixes to memory handling
- Fixes for shutdown
- v4l2 fix enumeration of frame intervals
- Make the daemon stop when the setup commands fail
- Improve safety of hooks
- Update stream API to more future proof version
- Add more options to stream API such as scheduling in the
main thread and automatic mapping of buffers
- Add version file and macros to check compile time and
runtime versions of pipewire
- Future proof some structs
PipeWire 0.1.9
- Various build fixes
- Do more permission checks
- Add support for doing async connections. This can be used to
make connections through the portal later.
- Fix device creation from the GStreamer device monitor
- v4l2 experiment with controls
- move rtkit to a module to avoid dbus dependency
- use dmabuf allocator in gstreamer elements
- Add DSP module for pro audio cases, remove jack module. The
idea is to make a replacement jack client library that talks
pipewire directly instead of trying to emulate a jack server.
- Various memory handling improvements